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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the site that hides dreams in hyperactive Welsh boys, crushes them and makes stew sandwiches out of them. This is the mythology of the mind fudge. A Multiversal Omniverse that hides interesting characters and wacky Adventures that no f***er would comprehend unless you had a guideline by a madman.

This site is dedicated to the creative endeavors of "The Gang" that consists of strange men in South Wales who join forces to make this expanded universe of delicious treats!

this site is a joint production between Bubbleman studios, McEdam Production and others

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The current update of this channel is that we're moving information from a old site onto here. The Old site which is a WordPress account is still functioning and you can access it. So head over there for now and enjoy!

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  • Jac Simpson Price
  • Dan Hancock
  • Adam Boyes

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